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Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

25 Aug 2022, 4:14 PM

Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

Hotels and guest houses often promote themselves on the quality of their service and cuisine, but it's the comfort of their beds that actually seals their reputations. A soothing, refreshing night's sleep is usually a major temptation for guests to return.

The secret of achieving the comfiest hotel beds in your establishment, or even in your own home, is to follow in our informative guide on choosing sumptuous hotel bedding.

Every Comfortable Bed Begins with a Reliable Mattress

A hotel bed usually has a mattress with a superior structure to the standard domestic bed. In many instances, poor quality beds rely on layers of padding that quickly compress, providing absolutely no useful support and putting you at risk of lower back pain. The open coil spring mattress is a definite step up it features a series of interlocking coils of wire that cover the entire area of the mattress. They roll together as you move in your sleep, but unfortunately, only provide limited support.

Hotel-quality mattresses are manufactured from pocket springs. These are small units of springs locked into their own pockets or mini mattresses. Multiple pockets are assembled together to form the complete mattress. They provide the most comfort as the pockets act independently, retaining their support whenever you move and helping your spine to maintain its natural position.

Typical hotel quality mattresses, such as the Cosmopolitan or Royale have 1,000 and 1,200 pocket springs respectively. For even greater support for your spine, choose a mattress from our Ambassador Range. You'll experience supreme comfort from 2,000 pocket springs surrounded by deep layers of wadding.

Hotels recommend rotating and turning your mattress approximately twice a year to evenly distribute wear and tear. On average, hotels replace their mattresses every three to five years, but in your own home, a hotel quality mattress should last ten years. Investing in a superior hotel mattress is generally cost-effective, as it should provide excellent support over its recommended lifetime.

Increasing the Comfort of Your Mattress

Hotel mattresses usually conform to the most supportive density of medium to firm. However, if you enjoy an additional layer of softer comfort, our range of hotel bedding includes quilted mattress toppers.

Our mattress toppers are suitable for every budget. They help prolong the life of your mattress, safeguarding against general wear and tear, while helping to keep the mattress clean. Comfortable fillings include polyester, siliconised ball fibre and feathers. A mattress topper adds gentle cushioning without spoiling the support of a high-quality pocket spring mattress.

What is the Best Bed linen for Hotel Beds?

The most popular hotel bedding is white cotton sheets as they always convey a sense of relaxation, freshness and luxury. White bed linen transcends passing colour trends, providing longevity for the interior decor of any hotel or home. You can maintain a fashionable image through the colourful accessories you choose, such as our vibrant bed runners and cushion covers.

Cotton is spun from the fibres of the cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum). The long fibres can grow to at least 2.5 inches (6.35 centimetres) enabling them to be spun into a supple, but sturdy thread. It's the natural strength and elasticity of cotton that helps provide excellent durability when facing extreme wear and tear as hotel bedding.

Our collection of high-quality, cotton hotel bed linen caters for all beds from single to king-size. You'll find convenient fitted cotton sheets such as the Luxury Savoy Fitted Sheet with a thread count of 400. Our flat sheets include the Heritage Serenity Flat Sheet with a beautiful silky finish due to its sateen weave of overlapping threads.

Health Benefits of Natural Cotton Bed linen

As a natural fibre, cotton has many benefits that should ensure you enjoy a restful night's sleep. As a breathable fabric, it allows excess heat and moisture to easily pass through the fibres. Cotton bed linen responds to air temperatures, providing warmth in the winter and keeping you cool during the summer. Maintaining an ideal body temperature contributes to a comfortable, relaxed sleep.

While all cotton is ideal for your skin, if you are prone to eczema, psoriasis or dust mite allergy, you should experience additional comfort with our organic cotton bed linen. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. It's also beneficial for the environment, helping improve soil naturally. Choose our Eco Organic cotton sheets and you'll contribute to improving bio-diversity standards amongst cotton farming communities.

Why a High-Quality Pillow is Essential for Comfort

Superior hotel bedding includes comfortable pillows that complement the mattress by providing support for your neck and spine. At Hotel Buyer Store, we have a selection of hollowfibre and microfibre pillows that combine comfort with your personal preference for soft or firm support.

Hollowfibre polyester is usually lighter, with a more open texture than densely woven microfibre. Using pillow protectors provides additional cushioning while extending the life of the pillows. Hotels always use at least two pillows per person and include several cushions for additional comfort.

How to Style the most Comfortable Hotel Bedding

To emulate hotel style comfort, aim for a sumptuous layered effect. The most important base layer for a comfortable night's rest is a mattress and pillows that provide essential support for your neck and spine. Add a cosy duvet that's a perfect match for the season. Our collection offers a generous choice of tog ratings from 4.5 to 13.5 ensuring your bed is snug throughout the year.

Continue the layered effect with white cotton sheets. They create a neutral background that allows you to add variety and colour through hotel bedding accessories including colourful bed runners and cushions.

You can achieve superior comfort and restful sleep through high-quality hotel beds and bed linen.

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