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Top Hotel Trends of 2022

6 Mar 2023, 12:46 PM

Top Hotel Trends
of 2022

The hospitality industry is like any other in the sense that it is guided and evolves with ever-changing trends. It is important to never remain stagnant and to change with the times to ensure you're giving your guests what they truly want and need and allowing your business to thrive and succeed to its full potential. In our latest blog post, we take a deep dive into the top hotel trends of 2022, so you can consider them as we move through 2023.

Health & Wellness Stays

The concept of self-care and wellness is a booming culture and business. There has never been more of a focus on taking much-needed time out to recharge and check in with yourself, and where better to do that than a hotel? Hospitality venues and hotels should be taking full advantage of the desire for health and wellness stays, especially those that already hold spa facilities. Hotels should be marketing health and wellness at the forefront to reap the benefit of this growing market that shows no signs of slowing.

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Sustainability Is Key

The growing climate crisis has become a constant thought and consideration for every industry. When it comes to hotels and hospitality, it's just no longer a good look to be using products and materials that aren't sustainable, and could very well be a deciding factor for many of the guests who choose (or don't choose) to stay with you. It is advantageous to place an emphasis on any sustainability initiatives your hotel is currently a part of, both to do your part for the planet and attract a market of eco-conscious customers.

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'A Home Away From Home’

Another hotel trend that has emerged in 2022 is a desire from guests to feel a homely atmosphere with their accommodation, a taste of home and a space that truly feels like their own. This includes creating hotel rooms that feel "homey" both in their decor and appliances. Our modern culture demands convenience above all, and your hotel rooms should provide very comfortable that your guests could find at home. Staying away from their house shouldn't feel like a huge upheaval, and customers are certainly looking to seek this comfort and convenience with their trips away in 2023.

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Putting Guests First - Personalised Stays

Everyone likes to feel valued and special, and this is never more true than for guests staying at your hotel. These added touches of personalisation many hotels are now turning towards include using personalised marketing and welcome messages upon a guest's arrival. Some even go a step further to provide chatbots to help guests deal with a range of queries and questions in almost instant time. Personalisation is a new trend within customer service and is likely to prove a huge factor in seeing returning customers to your business.

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Safety Is The New Luxury

Undeniably every guest wants to feel secure when staying away from home, but trends in 2022 suggest safety is now more important to guests than ever before. Hotels and hospitality businesses are going out of their way like never before to put guests' safety at the forefront, providing reassurance and peace of mind for guests. This includes providing each guest with necessary safety information and procedures well ahead of their stay, as well as taking them through all of the safety features of the hotel and their rooms upon arrival. This not only makes a guest feel valued but more at ease and comfortable during their stay, making a return visit far more likely.

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‘Workations’ - Providing For Everyone

Not all guests book stays in hotels purely for pleasure. In fact, one of the rising trends in 2022 is that of "workations". This is where guests will come to stay at your hotel with the purpose of working or as part of a work trip rather than to simply relax. It is important to make sure that your venue can cater to different guests' needs if you want to attract a wide ranging clientele. This includes providing facilities that meet all busy, working guests' requirements. Stable wifi and comfortable desks would be an excellent example, as well as considering creating meeting or remote working spaces to offer within your hotel.

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Solo travellers

One of the biggest trends this year has been the rise of solo travel. This is where your guests may be travelling alone to spend some much-needed time with themself rather than friends or family. Many hotel and hospitality facilities are tailored to pairs or groups of guests, and it is important to ensure you are now ready to welcome an abundance of single travellers. An easy way that many hotels are making their venues more appealing for solo guests is by offering more activities or facilities that suit their needs.

You could do this by putting on events that aim to bring solo travellers together, classes or workshops. Hotels may want to tailor certain rooms specifically for solo travellers, with added books to read or entertainment facilities. Above all guests travelling alone want to also feel safe and secure in their environment, so take extra care with this also.

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