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Top 10 Items Stolen from Hotels

Top 10 Items Stolen from Hotels

For some the welcome of a room that you don't have to arrange or tidy and is filled with life's little luxuries is enough, but for others, they just don't want that feeling of luxury and high-end quality to fade when they leave, opting to take a few pieces home with them...

Now, we may be able understand a couple of these, but some we have yet to figure out how they do it...

Those hotel towels that come in every size possible are often too much for travellers to pass up. Often made from 100% cotton, are super-soft and usually make you re-think your towel choice at home. These are one of the most popular items that make it into travellers cases.

Miniature hotel toiletries have a certain appeal about them, often from luxury brands that would prove fairly costly to purchase at home, these small, easy to fit in your wash-room bag items are restocked daily in hotels and this is often why. Even if they are unused, travellers have been known to pocket these for their guest-rooms.

The dreaded panic that ensues when your household gadgets or controllers run out of battery power is one of life's little down points. Some of us though seemed to have found a solution... hotel batteries. Another of the most popular items that go missing from hotel rooms is the batteries out of the remote controls, this might just  provide an answer as to why these rarely work in the hotel rooms we visit!

We all love the comfort of a super-soft bath-robe after a shower and a long journey. Hotel bathrobes are again often made from 100% and are perfectly soft to the touch, so we can certainly see the appeal.

Light bulbs are another of the most popular items to pocket from a hotel room, which we can only assume is due to not having the opportunity to  re-stock the spare light bulbs at home.

The temptation of the mini bar can prove irresistible, but most, they base their decision on enjoying a few of these tiny treats after contemplating the cost of them. Others, not so much. With some hotels finding the liquids removed and replaced with a plethora of other liquids to act as a disguise.

Pillows are one of the items that are most commonly stolen, that we can't quite figure out how. These bulky pockets of comfortable joy surely would be very difficult to squeeze into your suitcase. These are usually more comfortable than those we have at home, so we can see the temptation.

We have all admired the crockery at a hotel but I doubt many of us have liked it so much that we decided to claim it as our own and take it home. Yet many do! Hotels are constantly having to re-stock their glassware and cutlery
after conferences, dinners, meetings etc.

Much like the pillows, we can see the temptation. These fluffy bundles that comfort your feet after a long day are easy to fit in your case and are disposable as they are changed for each visitor for hygiene reasons, but still we can't condone pocketing these little beauties.

Perhaps the most bizzare of the most popular stolen items from hotels is the Bible. Firstly because we assume that anyone who practices religion will most likely already own the great book. Secondly, it says in the Bible 'thou shalt not steal'!

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