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Protectors For Hotel Bedding

Prolong the life of your hotel bedding, pillows, duvets and matresses with our protectors.

Our hotel mattress protectors are available as either fully fitted or with elasticated edges and most of our protectors are available with water resistant properties.

Browse our entire range of hotel bedding and bed linen to find exactly what you need to wow your guests.

If you run a hotel or B&B, you will see a large number of people come through your doors every day. Bedding protectors help to protect mattresses, pillows and bed frames from wear and tear. By using pillow and mattress protectors and bed base protectors, you will ensure any stains can be easily dealt with and not ruin your mattresses and pillows. As such, these products help ensure longevity for your bedding items, reducing waste and saving money.

Our range of bedding protectors are designed to suit a variety of beds and have water-resistant properties. Not only are they perfect for keeping your bedding and bed linen in excellent condition, but protectors such as mattress covers can add extra comfort for your guests.

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