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How To Use Your Hotel Slippers And Robes As A Marketing Weapon

7 Jun 2017, 9:46 AM

In an era where budget hotels are king, it's about time we brought back a luxury and authentic experience for our guests.
Here's how to use something as simple as your hotel robes and slippers as the ultimate weapon against your competition:

Embroidery Is Key

You probably wouldn't allow your staff to roam around the grounds in a uniform that didn't display the company logo, so why would you choose not to personalise your merchandise?

Adding a company logo or slogan to your slippers and robes can be crucial in making your guests' stay memorable and is an excellent way of making your guests feel as though they're staying somewhere truly special.

Don't Forget The Kids

For parents, their children are the most important people in the world.

Offering an experience that goes above and beyond for children is especially important when you're trying to impress this type of guest.

Instagram Is Your Friend

 As the saying goes 'a picture speaks a thousand words' and in a world of social media madness, it's crucial that you're taking part. Guests, whether they're visiting for business or leisure are bound to take a few snaps for social media purposes, especially if they're visiting the hotel spa. Having your company logo embroidered into your hotel slippers, robes and towels can be one of the most powerful means of marketing where social media is involved. 

Higher Quality = Higher Perception

It's a no-brainer really. First impressions count, and as far as hotel robes and slippers are concerned, quality is essential. If you're offering a luxury experience, it's important to do just that. Try to offer something that sets you apart from your competition. Ultra-soft microfibre robes are the perfect alternative to standard waffle robes and will provide your guests with a total feeling of indulgence and comfort whilst they prepare for a big night out.

Why not offer kids hotel bathrobes and spa slippers for children, make the little ones feel important and impress their parents all in one go. You could even go as far to offer mini afternoon tea as a children's party package to generate extra revenue on quiet week nights.

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