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How to Make Your Hotel Feel More Family-Friendly

16 Feb 2024, 4:08 PM

How to Make Your
Hotel Feel More

In recent years, the trend of family travel has significantly evolved, bringing a renewed focus to the hospitality industry in the UK. Hotels and bed & breakfast establishments are increasingly recognising the importance of catering to the unique needs of travelling families. Creating a family-friendly environment is no longer merely an added luxury; it's becoming a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in this competitive sector. 

This article delves into key aspects of making your hotel more welcoming for families, from designing family rooms to offering specialised amenities for young travellers. Embracing these changes can transform your establishment into a preferred destination for families, ensuring memorable experiences for guests of all ages.

Why Being Eco-Friendly Matters

Family Rooms

The concept of family rooms in hotels has gained significant traction in recent years, reflecting a shift in consumer preferences. As more families choose to travel together, the demand for spaces that can comfortably accommodate both parents and children has risen sharply. These rooms are not just larger; they are thoughtfully designed to meet the distinct needs of a family on the move. This trend is a direct response to the increasing number of families seeking out travel experiences that cater to all members, regardless of age.

When designing a family room, several key elements must be considered to ensure both functionality and comfort.


Space is a primary concern; the room should be spacious enough to allow free movement without feeling cluttered. Clever furniture layout is crucial – for instance, providing bunk beds for children can be a space-efficient and fun addition.

Sofas / Seating Areas

Sofas or seating areas that double as additional beds can offer flexibility for varying family sizes.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions should be ample, allowing for easy organisation of personal items and travel gear.

Helpful Appliances

Useful hotel appliances, such as a minibar, kettle, iron and fan can greatly enhance convenience, particularly for families with young children or infants.

Safety & Security

Safety is another critical aspect. Furniture should have rounded edges or corner bumpers, and secure window locks are a must.

Cheerful Decor

The decor should be cheerful yet soothing, creating a welcoming atmosphere that appeals to both adults and children.

Elements of Fun & Creativity

Finally, incorporating decorative items that are fun and creative, such as colourful artwork, can make the room more appealing to younger guests, enhancing their overall experience at the hotel.

By focusing on these design elements, hotels can create family rooms that not only meet the growing demand but also provide a memorable and comfortable stay for family travellers.

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Essential Amenities for Young Travellers

Essential Amenities for Young Travellers

Catering to the needs of young travellers is an integral part of making a hotel family-friendly. Providing amenities specifically for children can significantly enhance their experience and, in turn, the satisfaction of their parents.

Toys and Books

An assortment of toys and books in the hotel room can be a delightful surprise for children. A small area or a corner with a variety of age-appropriate toys and books can keep children engaged and entertained. This thoughtful addition not only offers a fun element for kids but also gives parents some much-needed relaxation time. It's important to select items that are safe, easily sanitised, and suitable for a range of ages.

Baby Products

For parents travelling with infants or toddlers, the availability of essential baby products can be a game-changer. Offering items such as high chairs, a travel cot, and changing tables can significantly reduce the luggage burden on travelling families. In addition, amenities like bottle warmers, baby monitors, and even strollers for use during their stay can add immense value. These conveniences demonstrate a hotel’s commitment to accommodating families, making the stay more comfortable and hassle-free.

In both cases, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of these amenities is paramount. Regular maintenance and sanitisation should be a top priority to uphold high standards of hygiene and safety. By providing these essential amenities, hotels can create a welcoming and considerate environment for families with young travellers, thereby enhancing their overall stay and potentially turning them into loyal, returning guests.

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Catering to Tiny Tastebuds

Catering to Tiny Tastebuds

A Dedicated Kids’ Menu

The importance of kid-friendly menus in hotels cannot be overstated. Catering to the diverse and often finicky taste preferences of children is a key aspect of family-friendly hospitality. Providing a dedicated kids’ menu with a variety of healthy, appealing, and fun food options can significantly enhance the dining experience for young guests. These menus should ideally include familiar favourites alongside nutritious choices, balancing taste with health.

Equally important is offering a menu that caters to the entire family. This means providing a range of options that appeal to both adults and children, ensuring that dining at the hotel is a convenient and enjoyable experience for everyone. Options could range from gourmet dishes for the adults to simpler, child-friendly versions of the same meals. By thoughtfully combining kid-friendly meals with adult dining options, hotels can create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere in their dining spaces, making meal times a highlight of the family's stay.

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Ensuring a Secure Environment

Ensuring a Secure Environment

When it comes to making a hotel family-friendly, safety is a top priority.

Childproof Rooms

It's crucial to have childproof rooms to protect the little ones. This means covering electrical sockets, securing furniture to walls to prevent it from falling over, and installing window guards. These steps help parents relax, knowing their children are safe to explore the room without harm.

Pools & Playgrounds

In shared areas like pools and playgrounds, safety is just as important. Pools should have fences around them and lifeguards on duty when open. Playgrounds need soft surfaces to cushion any falls and clear signs with safety rules. Staff trained to oversee these areas can quickly help if there’s a problem.

By focusing on these safety measures, hotels show they care about their guests' well-being. This attention to safety lets families enjoy their stay, knowing both parents and children are in a secure environment.

Engaging Activities for Kids

Engaging Activities for Kids

Kids’ Clubs

Offering kids' clubs or activity centres in hotels is a fantastic way to keep young guests entertained. These spaces provide a safe and fun environment where children can engage in various activities, interact with their peers, and learn new skills. This not only enhances their overall holiday experience but also gives parents some valuable downtime to relax or explore on their own.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

For indoor activities, consider craft sessions, storytelling times, or movie screenings tailored for children. These activities are not only enjoyable but also stimulate creativity and imagination. 

Outdoors, hotels can organise simple yet exciting activities like treasure hunts, mini-golf, or supervised swimming sessions. These not only keep the children active and engaged but also help them to appreciate and enjoy the natural surroundings. By offering a range of both indoor and outdoor activities, hotels can ensure that their young guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Designing Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Designing Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Creating bathrooms that are safe and accessible for children is an important aspect of a family-friendly hotel.

Non-Slip Mats

Key features like non-slip mats are essential for preventing slips and falls, a common concern in bathroom areas. These mats can provide a secure footing for children, especially when the floor is wet.

Gentle Toiletries

Additionally, providing child-safe hotel toiletries is a thoughtful touch. These should be gentle, hypoallergenic, and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring they are safe for sensitive skin. By including these child-focused features in bathrooms, hotels can significantly enhance the safety and comfort of their youngest guests.

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Special Touches That Make a Difference

Special Touches That Make a Difference

Activity Kits

Adding personalised touches can significantly enhance the family experience in a hotel. Activity kits for kids are a delightful way to start a family’s stay. These kits could include items like colouring books, crayons, puzzles, and small toys, tailored to the child’s age. Personalising these kits, perhaps with the child’s name or favourite characters, can make the welcome even more special and memorable.

Family Events

Organising family events or movie nights is another excellent way to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Family events could range from interactive games in the hotel gardens to storytelling sessions or themed parties. Movie nights, featuring family-friendly films, complete with popcorn and comfortable seating, can be a relaxing way for families to unwind after a day of activities.

These special touches not only entertain young guests but also foster a sense of community among the families staying at the hotel. Such thoughtful initiatives can turn a simple stay into a series of delightful experiences, leaving lasting impressions on both children and parents.

Staff Training - Working With Families & Children

Staff Training - Working With Families & Children

Training staff to effectively cater to families is a crucial element in creating a family-friendly hotel environment. Staff should be well-versed in understanding the unique needs and preferences of families, particularly those travelling with children. This includes being patient, accommodating, and having the ability to engage positively with young guests.

Offering workshops or sessions focused on child interaction and safety can equip staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. These sessions can cover a range of topics, from basic child care and age-appropriate communication to handling emergencies. Understanding how to interact with children in a friendly and safe manner not only enhances the guest experience but also ensures a secure environment for young travellers.

Investing in staff training demonstrates a hotel's commitment to providing high-quality service to all guests, especially families. Well-trained staff can significantly contribute to a pleasant and memorable stay, encouraging families to return.

Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly With Hotel Buyer Store

Make Your Hotel More Family Friendly With Hotel Buyer Store

Transforming your hotel into a family-friendly destination can yield lasting benefits, such as increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Families who enjoy their stay are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others. Embrace this opportunity with Hotel Buyer Store’s range of child-friendly products, and start creating memorable experiences that keep families coming back.

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