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How To Cater For Every Type Of Guest

6 Mar 2023, 12:53 PM

How To Cater For
Every Type Of Guest

Working in hospitality can be as rewarding as it is challenging. There is nothing quite like the joy on a guest’s face when you mention a sight they are excited to see or point them towards a convenient amenity that seems tailor-made for them. Catering for each guest as an individual is vital to the success of your business - but what are some common guest types and how can you cater for them all? We have collected some common guest profiles and taken a closer look at their needs.

The Business Traveller

A business traveller will usually be staying with you in between meetings or working at a regional office. They aren’t there to see local culture or sights, and designing a space around their specific requirements is essential. With long days spent out and about, they will usually want to come back to a well-maintained room, eat dinner, and rest. Appealing to business travellers is all about convenience and anticipating their needs - pointing them in the direction of local places they can eat and meet colleagues, and providing a coworking space. This can appeal to both business travellers and digital nomads. An essential for working travellers is continuous access to reliable and fast WiFi and a good amount of charging points, both in their rooms and across the shared spaces in the hotel.

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Families & Children

Many travellers are likely to be families with children of all ages. Millennial parents may be travelling with their young children and older parents, so preparing for these demographics is vital. For example, having on-site babysitting or children’s activity groups can give parents time to relax, or alternatively, signpost to such facilities locally. You should also have a comprehensive list of family activities and sights, potentially with discounts available.

In rooms, ensure that children are provided with games and activity books and that the whole family is aware of any leisure amenities you have on-site. Such little extras will make families feel that they are all welcome, regardless of age!

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The Affluent Guest

Affluent guests are not likely to settle for less than top-quality service and a second-to-none experience. Most of these guests will fall into an older age group, and will often be used to luxury.

When it comes to affluent travellers, they will pay for the best - so focus on personalising their experience before they arrive. On booking, having set questions so that you can provide them with their favourite drinks, meals, and experiences is a good idea. Giving them a once-in-a-lifetime experience is important at every stage, from greeting to tailoring rooms and providing bespoke service.

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The ‘Boomer’ Travellers

Boomers are either retirees or nearing retirement, and as such often have enough money to enjoy the finer things. They are more likely to sign up for loyalty membership programmes and to enjoy convenience and support when booking days out. Often, boomers will be part of a family trip, and it is less common for them to want high-speed WiFi and other amenities central to the experiences of younger generations.

In order to cater to boomer travellers, tailor your offering so that you can advise them on how to best connect with local culture and attractions, especially if you can provide partner discounts. Loyalty programmes are a great way to encourage repeat custom with these travellers, as are relaxing on-site options like spas and leisure facilities.

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Backpackers are most likely to be Gen Z or Millennial travellers who value adventure over all else. Combined with a passion for enjoying new experiences, they are also primarily concerned with the financial aspect of travel. Backpackers want to visit as many locations as possible throughout a trip, and may only stay in one place for a few nights. You can combine sensible costs with security by giving backpackers somewhere to safely store their luggage, while also advising them on local activities. They are likely to want to connect with native culture and history, so combine adventurous experiences with culturally important ones. Since backpackers are often travelling alone, advising them on potential meetups or activities popular with other backpackers can help them to forge connections and feel less isolated.

Some backpackers may also be digital nomads, and this is a great opportunity to point them in the direction of your dedicated work areas to cover every aspect of their day.

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Eco-Friendly Guests

Travellers of all kinds are becoming more aware of their environmental impact, and many of these fall under the umbrella of eco-friendly travellers. These travellers are extremely conscious of their carbon footprint and wish to travel in a way that does not harm the environment. To appeal to these travellers and give them the best possible experience, it is important to not engage in greenwashing. This is where you may put forward an eco-friendly image but not offer any substantial positive impact. Eco-friendly travellers will be attracted by meaningful measures such as your accommodation reducing energy use, or using green energy. You should also aim to provide as many cruelty-free and natural products as possible, and ensure they are sustainable. Regarding activities, eco-friendly guests may be interested in voluntary work, or tours highlighting the natural beauty of the area.

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The Traditional Tourist

The traditional tourist is perhaps one of your largest demographics. They will travel with friends, partners or family members, and usually choose popular spots to visit. Your hotel is most likely chosen for its convenient location as they head out on day trips, so stock up on information about local attractions, trips and tours that they may wish to take, as well as local restaurants and cafes. Providing discounts is a big draw for traditional tourists, who may wish to cram in a lot of sightseeing in a single holiday. They won’t spend much time in your hotel, so comfort and simplicity are sure to be popular.

While every type of guest is different, they all want to enjoy great service. With these tips, you can appeal to any traveller and give them a wonderful experience every time.

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