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How To Achieve A Hotel-Like Bed In Your Home

21 Jun 2022, 1:38 PM

How to achieve a hotel-like bed in your home

Hotel beds always feel comfier than our own beds at home, and it's not just the quality of the divan or mattress that's at play. There's something particularly luxurious about the overall finish of a hotel bed that makes sinking your head into the pillow feel like a far more indulgent experience than when we're at home. Luckily, you don't have to go to a hotel to achieve the same experience at home, you simply need to know the tricks of the trade.

Choose bed linens with a high thread count

Hotel bedding is washed far more regularly, and at far higher temperatures, than the bed linens we use at home. For this reason, hoteliers tend to choose linens and bedsheets with a generous thread count to ensure they don't wear thin too quickly. Look for bed linen with a thread count in the region of 300 to achieve that soft, crisp and luxurious hotel bed feeling at home.

Go for all-white bedding

Most hotels use all-white bedding because it can be cleaned with bleach to be as hygienic as possible. Plus, crisp white bedding looks timeless, matches with any and every colour scheme, and gives off the appearance of chic cleanliness. There's something special about tucking yourself into a soft, fluffy white bed, so choose white bed linen for your home bedroom to get that indulgent hotel finish.

Splash out on 100% cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that is both breathable and absorbent, which allows it to keep you cool on warm nights and wick away any sweat. It also feels soft and comfortable against the skin and is unlikely to cause any irritation to those with sensitive skin, unlike some synthetic fibres. Most hotels, particularly luxury hotels, will use 100% cotton bed linen to give their guests the most comfortable night's sleep possible. Although pure cotton hotel bedding is more expensive than synthetic or blended alternatives, the investment is definitely worthwhile if you want that sumptuous hotel bed experience.

Swap your fitted sheets for flat sheets

Fitted sheets tend to be the go-to for the sake of convenience, but hoteliers rarely use them. Instead, flat sheets are favoured in the hospitality industry because fitted sheets can't be pulled tight enough to achieve that crisp, flawless, creaseless finish that we come to expect from hotel bed sheets. It takes a bit more practice to make a bed with flat sheets, but it's easy once you get a bit of practice. Hospital corners tend to be the favoured method for making a bed in luxury hotels.

Wash, dry and iron your sheets carefully

To achieve that fresh, crisp hotel bed feeling, wash your sheets every week at 60° and dry them outside rather than in the tumble drier. Tumble drying can make it harder to press the creases out of 100% cotton sheets. Hotels often use roller irons to give their sheets a proper press, but you can achieve a smooth finish by folding the sheets in half and pressing first on one side and then the other with a regular iron.

Try a mattress topper for ultimate comfort

Mattress toppers are quilted covers for mattresses that add an additional layer of sumptuous softness and comfort. They go directly over the top of the mattress and below the sheet. If you feel your mattress is too firm, a topper is a great way to make it feel more comfortable without completely replacing it. Even if you're happy with your current mattress you might find that a topper simply makes your bed feel comfier and more luxurious.

Opt for a thick and cosy down duvet

Luxury hotels often use down or down imitation duvets. Down is fine, soft duck or goose feathers, and it offers an incredibly cosy, fluffy filling for duvets. Many hotels will use particularly thick and heavy duvets - around the 13.5 tog region - which help guests to feel cocooned and cosy. These duvets also offer the benefit of being incredibly warm, but you might want to have a lighter alternative on hand during hot summer months. When you come to make the bed, be sure to give the duvet a good shake to spread out the filling and make it feel as thick and fluffy as possible before laying it on top of the bed.

Use duck feather pillows

Pillows that are filled with duck feathers are both soft and malleable so that your head sinks into them. By choosing duck feather pillows for your bed at home you can achieve that relaxing feeling of sinking into a soft, comforting cloud to drift off to sleep. Be sure to use 100% cotton pillowcases that match your bed sheets and duvet covers.

Add a throw or decorative blanket

Many hotels add an extra throw or blanket on top of the duvet, both for practical and aesthetic benefits. A throw or blanket is a great way to add some extra colour, pattern and texture to the bed so that it blends in with the decor. Plus, guests have the option of sleeping with the blanket on top of the duvet should they get chilly in the night. Taking the time to lay a throw across the end of the bed will give your bed at home that extra stylish finish and you're sure to feel the benefit during cold winter nights.

Add texture and colour with accent pillows

Hotel decorative pillows and cushions are often added to hotel beds to give guests more flexibility when it comes to lounging and relaxing on the bed. Plus, they add extra style and help to make the bed a true focal point of the room. You can use the same technique to make a statement with your bed at home.

Go the whole hog and treat yourself to a hotel bed

If you want to go the whole hog, you could even opt for a hotel bed. Hotel beds are specifically designed for commercial use and meet strict safety and quality regulations. However, many hotel guests are so impressed by the quality and experience of sleeping in a hotel bed that they want the same experience at home. Here at Hotel Buyer Store we aim to cater to everybody so if you’d like any advice on our range of hotel beds, be sure to call our friendly team.

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