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Hotel Towels: A Buyers Guide

21 May 2020, 6:29 PM

Hotel Towels
A Buyer's Guide

All towels are not made equally - there is a range of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials to choose from. Your hotel guests will have different needs, and you'll need to provide the right towels to ensure their comfort. But where do you actually begin? What do you need to know about buying hotel towels?

This simple buyer's guide will give you all the information you need to make the perfect choices.

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Understanding Towel Types

There are five main towel types for you to understand; washcloths, hand towels, bath mats, bath towels, and bath sheets. Their uses are fairly self-explanatory, and they can all be made from different materials, but their difference lies in their size - ranging from smallest to largest, as listed.

Generally, the size ranges are as follows:

Wash Cloths

Typically 12 x 12" or 13 x 13"
Used for face and body washing

Hand towels

Range from 15 - 18" x 27 - 32"
Used for drying face and hands after washing

Bath Mats

Ranging between 20 - 22" x 30 - 36"
used to minimise slip risk while bathing

Bath Towels

Ranging between 20 - 30 x 40 - 60
Used for drying hair and body after bathing

Bath sheets

Between 35 x 66 - 70
Basically larger bath towels for more drying coverage

Generally for most hotels, it's wise to offer at least four out of the five - bath sheets are not essential, but many guests might prefer them, so it makes sense to have some available on request if you're not going to provide them as standard.

Choose the right weight

Towel weight is measured in pounds per dozen, as they're bought and handled in bulk. The higher the number, the heavier the towels are, which means they are more absorbent and more luxurious to the touch.

Light towels are between 5 - 10lbs per dozen, and are a great choice for motels and budget hotels. Medium weight towels are between 10 - 15lbs per dozen, and offer more absorbency and softness for mid-range hotels. Top range hotels will want to consider heavy towels, weighing 15lbs+ per dozen, as they will be the most luxurious to the touch.

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