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Hotel Toiletries: Your Guide To Making The Best Choice

Choosing the right toiletry range for your hotel sets the tone for your establishment. What image would you like to put across? Are you hoping to convey a particular message with your choice? Get the toiletries right, and you will discover a brand that becomes part of your identity. Here we examine out various collections, according to the various attributes that inform a decision.

By Budget

Loading the bathrooms doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour. Everybody has a different idea of what expense they are comfortable with, and ultimately, this comes down to the price of your room, and, since it is usually linked, your star rating. Here are some suggestions for different brands to suit everybody.

Kind to the Wallet

Appealing to even the smallest guest house, the Elsyl range defies any preconceived notions one might have about affordable toiletries. To begin with, there is choice: Your guests can enjoy either the one-use 40ml bottles, or the multiple-use 300ml pump bottles (more on which later), meaning a budget very well-spent in any case.

For style, look no further than the deliciously-priced Milk & Honey range. As well being very friendly on the wallet, the appearance of the logo, and even the colour of the liquids themselves, aligns itself with humble yet aspirational hotels. Available exclusively in 30ml bottles, with a solid soap to match, this range will have you coming back for more, time and time again.

Popular for busy hotels on a budget are the twin Aqua Viva Aloe Vera and Aqua Viva Orange Grove ranges, whose one-use tubes and bottles have a great many hoteliers hooked. These toiletries create a lasting impression due to their distinctive, irresistible smell. You too will see what make this such a hit with some big-name franchises.


For those hotels in search of a mid-market bathroom array, as well as more comfortable with higher spend, host of toiletry treats beckon.

It is difficult to resist the elegance of the smartly-presented Dukes & Dawes selection, whose repeating motif welcomes guests warmly from afar. It speaks of comfort, a warm shower and the night of restful sleep ahead. Dukes & Dawes knows your guests like an old friend, and it delivers with the experience of a seasoned hotel manager.

For a scent that paints a thousand pictures try the Sea Kelp range, which promises a sea view in the most landlocked of locations. With a three of sizes available, from miniature 30ml bottles to pump-dispensers ten times that size, Sea Kelp understands that hotels want continuity from the shower to the basin.

If your establishment seeks a colourful twist after so much monochrome, the Platinum Collection steps forward. Your guests will feel the warmth of comforting familiarity, while the colours will either complement or contrast their surroundings. Favoured by hotels and B&Bs alike for its value-for-money delight on the senses, the Platinum Collection is a firm favourite and it is not hard to see why!

Luxury Ranges

Certain brands reflect of their surroundings in the way that makes them part of the overall experience. For the mark of a top brand, it is impossible not to mention the amber-coloured treat that is Duck Island. The golden hues, the dreamlike scent and the exquisite packaging, not to mention the appropriately feathery texture, team together to present a brand like no other. This brand is looked upon fondly by 5-star organisations, and once given the chance to grow, it is never forgotten.

For a passport to the twin worlds of the rustic and the upmarket, Prija (pronounced Pree-Yuh) is loved by the design-conscious. The quality product is housed within deceptively simple packaging, whose natural tones allow it to sit comfortably with any colour scheme, even if there is no colour at all. Its confident, secret brilliance is sealed neatly by the soaps, with paper wrapping or faux-rough label carding presenting the range as truly exceptional. It is no wonder that hotels everywhere are asking us about Prija.

Practicality & Value

Disposable bottles are just one way of keeping the toiletries fully-stocked for your guests. You’ll be pleased to learn that many of our ranges offer great-value refill bottles, which do exactly what you imagine! For many, the ability to refill existing bottles is not only an excellent use of their budget, but greatly reduces the amount of plastic they are putting in their refuse.

Several of our ranges offer empty 100ml pump bottles, and accompanying 5-litre bulk refill packs in everything from shampoo to hand wash liquid, allowing great-value top-ups, again and again. This reuse not only saves waste; it saves time and money as well. Try Sea Kelp, Au Lait and Silver Buckthorn for these refillable ranges.


Of increasing concern to the hotel industry is the sector’s impact on the environment. Within increasing calls for products that are environmentally-friendly, we proudly offer Anyah Eco Spa Treatment, as well as Prija. With ecologically-considerate ingredients and largely recycled packaging, these are the toiletries that will imbue your hotel a green conscience. Our growing Green Toiletries section will lead you to an array of environmentally-conscious options, including the attractive Ecological range.

Great To look At

The 30ml pouches – or 'doypacks', to use the correct term – of Anyah are colourful and striking, and sit apart in a league of their own. For a delicious visual spectacle, feast your eyes on the colourful welcome offered by the Numbers range, with each component assigned a different number and colour. Attracting regular praise for their appearance are Prija, the Platinum Collection, Just For You and Highland Aromatics, each with a distinctive look and style.

Hotel Amenities

The little extra touches go a long way with your guests. Sewing kits, shower caps and all the other additional flourishes that come in a small box can be found in our hotel amenities section. After all, guests truly appreciate finding helpful items, such as dental kits, which they may have intending to bring along, but forgotten to pack!

If you have any further questions about the right toiletries for your hotel, please get in touch today. We’re always happy to help.

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