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Hotel Room Electricals The Essentials

4 Oct 2019, 1:25 PM

Hotel Room Electricals
The Essentials

While every hotel guest has their own individual wants and needs (some very much more than others) there are certain items and amenities that hotel guests come to expect during their overnight stays. These items are so ingrained in the hotel experience that guests will only notice these amenities when they realise theyíre not there. Making sure these items are in your hotel rooms can be the difference between a good and bad review, regardless of the overall quality of your establishment.

Thatís why we at the Hotel Buyer Store have put together a guide to the essential in-room electrical amenities, with a few extra Nice-To-Haves if your establishment wants to go the extra mile to really make a great and lasting impression with guests. Donít forget these hotel essentials!

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Welcome Trays with Kettles

Every hotel room should have a neat little welcome tray with kettle, stocked with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar, cream and stir sticks. Full stop. There should be at least 2 sets of cups and saucers and if you really want to go above and beyond, provide some individually wrapped biscuits as well. No matter how comfortable a hotel room is or how great a nightís sleep the guests might have, waking up in the morning without coffee or tea readily available is an excellent way to infuriate your guests. So make sure each room is equipped with an electric kettle and enough teabags and coffee packets for at least 2 cups per guest.

Hair Dryers

Yes, so far weíve been going on about tea and coffee but one cannot overstate how important a hotel hair dryer is to the people who need them. For people with long hair, and even people who donít, hairdryers are as much a part of their after-shower routine as drying off with a towel and putting their clothes back on. Actually, hairdryers arenít just important, theyíre an absolute necessity. Each and every hotel room absolutely needs to be equipped with a hair dryer. Whether the model you choose hangs from the wall or whether it simply plugs in, no hotel room is complete without a hairdryer. We really canít state this enough.

Alarm Clock Radios

Alarm clocks arenít just for getting up on time anymore. Itís been a long time since radios were merged with them but a more recent development has these trusty and dependable wake-up buddies have been fitted with docking ports for smart devices and USB ports for charging them. Comfort and convenience are hallmarks of a great hotel room and alarm clocks with docking features tick all the boxes. Most people donít leave home without their smart device chargers, so hotel rooms arenít expected to have special facilities to support them by default, but the USB ports will definitely get noticed and leave a lasting impression.

Lamps and Lighting

Space lighting: Strategically spaced pendant lights that hang from the ceiling are a great way to light large sections of a hotel room while giving guests the option to light the entire room or only specific sections. The more options the better.

Individual lighting: Hotel rooms typically house several people who are all sleeping in the same room without any walls to divide the space. Not everyone goes to sleep at the same time so a hotel room with a variety of well placed desk lamps around it makes sure everyone can have a s much or as little light in their space as they like. At the bare minimum, each bedside should have a lamp and there should be a lamp somewhere else in the room. Typically on a desk.

Heat Lamps: These handy light fixtures appear in hotel bathrooms and use infrared heat bulbs to keep the tile flooring warm to reduce slippage, protecting guests from injuries and hotels from potential lawsuits, to reduce condensation on mirrors and to keep guests warm after exiting the hot shower. Heat lamps are functional and indulgent, elevating the simple act of bathing to an experience in luxury.


The type of kettle a hotel provides says quite a bit about the establishment. If you operate a high-end hotel you have likely spent a considerable amount of your time and resources to find the perfect decor, furniture and room arrangement that will both wow and relax your guests. All of this hard work can go up in steam if the kettle does not reflect the level of luxury set by the rest of the hotel.†On the other hand, if you are working in an economical hotel that is meant for brief overnight stays that are typically reserved for business travel, thereís no need to go over the top with the in-room hotel kettle. Whether it is plastic or stainless steel, the kettle should be dependable, clean and functional: just like the room.

Ironing & Pressing

With it being a hotel and all, it is likely that your guests will have packed their clothes in a suitcase or in an overnight bag. Of course, when those clothes are unpacked the finer garments will be a little wrinkly and nowhere near their best. On top of this, if your guests have packed nice clothes itís probably because they have an important or special event to attend, whether that be for business or for pleasure, and wrinkly clothes simply wonít do.†Needless to say, if your guests donít have any sort of ironing facilities at their disposal thereís going to be a problem. Every hotel room needs to have a fully functioning hotel ironing board set, whether itís an ironing board and iron supplied individually or as a combination set.†In addition to ironing facilities, trouser presses can also be incredibly helpful and very much appreciated by your guests.


Guests at a hotel want to feel safe and secure while theyíre in their room even though they may be far from home. This is doubly so if they are travelling with valuables or important travel documents. Considering the nature of hotel rooms, guests accept that people can come and go from their room when theyíre not around but may not be 100% comfortable with leaving items that are important to them unguarded. This is no reflection on the establishment or its staff. Itís just simple human nature. Thatís why every hotel room should come equipped with a hotel safe that the guest can set themselves. This level of security protects the guest but it also protects your staff and the establishment should any potential security issues arise.

Minibars / Mini Fridges

This is yet another incredibly obvious item that should be in hotel rooms that I will explain in great minutiae. Minbars are a nice little surprise for when the guests arrive. Whether they take anything from it or not, there is a small level of anticipation and intrigue involved in the opening of a minibar. Guests want to see whatís inside and tend to be curious if anything can tempt them. Itís not unusual for guests to drink their own food and drinks so providing them with a hotel mini fridge to keep it all cool is a huge convenience.

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