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Restaurant Equipment for Hotels

A hotel very rarely operates only as a hotel. Your restaurant not only serves as an extra source of revenue from your guests, but as a potentially limitless opportunity for passing trade from non-staying diners dropping by.

Establishing your hotel’s restaurant as a business entity in its own right may seem like a different world from running your hotel; but ultimately, the same special attention to customer satisfaction applies to both your guests and your diners. With the hotel and the restaurant cross-promoting each other, your establishment will make a name for itself as a stand-out brand, a well-regarded destination, for your local tourist economy.

Hotel Buyer has everything you need, want and expect from a good restaurant. Front-of-house tableware, such as crockery, drinking glasses and cutlery, are available in a series of a dazzling ranges, each with a gentle twist or subtle touch that will set the tone at your restaurant.

Back-of-house essentials are covered thoroughly, so that your chef and kitchen staff can get on with doing what they do best. Everything from cast iron pans to commercial-grade mixers can be found, via every handy little tool and utensil your staff will ever need.

Large equipment is a specialty, and you will find our catering machines and appliances available at tempting prices. Be sure to explore our full range if your kitchen is undergoing a refit.

We also offer an extensive selection of storage and shelving solutions, for equipment and dry equipment in long-term standby. And for then the day is done, your staff will find the full selection of cleaning chemicals, including bactericidal cleaners, to restore both restaurant and kitchen to peak hygiene, ready for the new day.

We at Hotel Buyer are proud of our extensive and diverse selection of goods for restaurants, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much we can offer your hotel.

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