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Hotel Pillowcase FAQs

30 Oct 2020, 6:44 PM

Hotel Pillowcase FAQs

What is a housewife-style pillowcase?

A housewife pillowcase is the most popular style of pillowcase in the UK and is often called a standard pillowcase. It has a plain edge that wraps around the pillow and an internal flap at the opening. Once inserted, the pillow is tucked into the flap, creating a simple and snug fit.

Here at Hotel buyer we offer 2 types of housewife pillowcases:
100% cotton housewife pillowcases&polyester & polycotton housewife pillowcases.

What are Oxford pillowcases?

An Oxford pillowcase is a standard pillowcase with a fabric border around all four edges. This border can vary in size but is usually 5cm wide. On some really decorative designs, the border can be as large as 10cm. Oxford pillowcases are designed to fit standard pillow sizes - it is just the surrounding border that gives the impression that the pillow is larger. Oxford pillowcases can have an internal flap at one end (the same as a housewife pillowcase), or they can have a central opening at the back where you insert the pillow.

We stock 100% cotton oxford pillowcases, polycotton oxford pillowcases and satin stripe oxford pillow cases.

What is the difference between an Oxford pillowcase and a standard pillowcase?

Both styles of pillowcase are really practical, so it is down to personal preference. Most often, hotel bedding will consist of a combination of these styles. A housewife pillowcase is used at the bottom, and an Oxford pillowcase stacked on the top. This is a really nice combination because it looks very decorative and smart.

Housewife pillowcases are simple with no frills and are a basic rectangular shape. They often work well with hotel bed linen in rooms that are very contemporary and minimalist. Oxford pillowcases are decorative and look extremely elegant because they create an illusion of extra large pillows. These pillowcases add an extra touch of luxury and can make hotel bed linen look sumptuous and inviting. Both styles of pillowcase come in a range of fabrics, from easy-care cotton to luxurious Egyptian cotton. You will find them in an array of colours and attractive prints, so you are guaranteed to find the right shade and design to make your sleeping space look fantastic.

What is a bag style pillowcase?

Bag style pillowcases are really popular and are also very often used as hotel bedlinen. This is because they are very low maintenance, yet they still look great. They have no fiddly buttons, interior flaps or poppers. The pillowcase is open at one end and tucked around the pillow to create a neat finish.

What is the standard pillowcase size?

The standard pillowcase size is approximately 20 x 30 or 50cm x 75cm.
However, hotel pillowcases can very often be found in a range of sizes, depending on the size of the bed. For example, a popular choice of hotel pillowcase is 64 x 90cm. It has more fabric, so it saves time and effort when making up hotel bed linen in preparation for the arrival of new guests.

What is the difference between a pillowcase and a pillow slip?

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