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Over 32,000 products
Over 32,000 Products

Hotel Room Electrical Goods: The Essentials

What makes a great hotel room? The facilities you provide go a long way in dictating the price of the room – and even contributes to your overall star-rating. So what can a guest expect?

A handy friend on call day and night is the welcome tray with mounted kettles. One cannot overstate the healing effect of a hot cup of tea at the end of a busy day on the move!

Guests would be lost without the twin conveniences of a hairdryer and an ironing set. Our hotel-grade selections prepare them for their day ahead in style, and will keenly appreciate these items all the more since they are taken for granted back at home.

Almost every hotel guest will want to feel their valuables are secure. Behind the locked doors, an extra layer of security will make them feel more relaxed about leaving the hotel to explore their surroundings. Secure safes are always the answer, and even the most budget-friendly of hotel rooms should have one available.

We understand know that wake-up calls are part of hotel life, and the alarm clock radios we offer to provide that service will be the envy of every guest.

Finally – liquid refreshment is what makes a good room a great room, not to mention adding to a hotel’s bottom line in time-honoured fashion. Our minibars are always ready to serve, each a reliable friend who always remembers your guest’s favourite beverage!

All these items, and a great deal more besides, will exceed and enhance the your guests' expectations, again and again. We pride ourselves on realising a hotelier’s ideal bedroom spec, and with our range of electrical goods at only a click away, we are certain we can make your plans a reality. Every time.

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