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Hotel Beds Vs Domestic Beds

25 Aug 2022, 4:07 PM

Hotel Beds vs
Domestic Beds

Many people find that they get better sleep when staying at a hotel, often citing it as a result of the superior comfort that hotel beds provide. It's true that hotel beds and domestic beds differ in design to a certain extent, but bed linen also plays a role in the quality of sleep afforded to hotel guests. In this article, we explore the differences between hotel beds and domestic beds and explain the benefits of using contract beds and bed linens both in hotels and at home.

Hotels Use Premium Bed Linen

Many hotels use premium cotton bed linen with a high thread count on their beds. Not only do premium bed sheets tend to feel softer, cosier and more comfortable, but they're also more durable. Hotel bedding is washed at very high temperatures and far more regularly than domestic bedding. It must be high quality in order to hold up to this frequent washing without pilling or getting worn.

Investing in 100% cotton bedding for your bed at home can help you to achieve that extra comfy hotel feel. For an iconic hotel look, consider cotton satin stripe duvet covers and pillowcases which are popular in luxury hotels.

Hotels Prioritise A Crisp Finish To Their Bed Linens

Hotels tend to use flat sheets that are thoroughly ironed and tucked under the mattress, using the 'hospital corner' method to achieve a perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free finish. Duvet covers and pillowcases are also carefully ironed for a pristine finish. The crisp, clean and fresh appearance of properly made hotel beds makes them all the more inviting and adds to the serene, soothing atmosphere that helps us get better sleep in hotels.

At home, we often opt for fitted sheets for the sake of convenience and we tend to skip ironing bed linen to save time, which is one reason why our domestic beds often feel less comfy and inviting. By taking extra time to use cotton flat sheets and iron bed linen, you can achieve that crisp and inviting hotel finish at home.

Hotel Beds Have Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are additional cushioned layers that sit on top of the mattress to add extra comfort and support. They alleviate pressure on the hips, spine, shoulders and knees, and they give the sensation of sinking into a sumptuously soft mattress. Most hotel beds have mattress toppers to heighten comfort and to help increase the lifespan of the mattresses. They can reduce sinking or dipping in mattresses and they serve as an additional protective layer against spills.

If you feel as if the mattress on your bed at home isn't very comfortable, consider adding a mattress topper. They attach via elasticated bands at the corners of your mattress. They're a quick, simple way of achieving a soft, cloud-like finish to your bed without investing in a whole new mattress.

Hotels Use Divan Beds With Statement Headboards

Hotel beds tend to use divan bed bases because they're strong, durable and less susceptible to creaking and squeaking with age than wooden or metal bed frames. Divan bases also allow hotels to use large statement headboards that make the bed a true focal point of the bedroom. Headboards can help to reduce draughts around the head and make for a cosier night's sleep.

If you want to achieve a hotel bed look at home, opt for a divan base with a large headboard. Pick a base and headboard in the same colour for a cohesive finish, and consider adding soft furnishings like runners, scatter cushions and bedspreads in coordinating shades to accessorise.

Hotels Use Feather Pillows For Added Luxury

Luxury hotels often use duck feather and down pillows for added comfort. Feathers and down create a luxuriantly soft texture that makes it feel as if your head is sinking into the pillow. Although they're more expensive than hollow fibre or microfibre pillows, duck feather pillows are worth it for the added comfort.

Hotels also often provide a range of extra pillows and cushions to help guests achieve optimum comfort. Some people prefer a single pillow to ensure comfortable neck and shoulder alignment, while others like to sink into a generous stack of pillows for the best night's sleep. By adding a variety of pillows to your bed at home you can enjoy the same level of flexibility, and create a cosy and indulgent environment.

Hotel Beds Meet Fire And Quality Standards

All mattresses and beds used in hotels in the UK must be compliant with a range of UK fire safety regulations. This is why hotels use what is known as 'contract beds' which are specifically designed for commercial use. Contract beds have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet safety standards in order for hotels and guesthouses to meet legal standards. Domestic beds do not have to adhere to such standards and are not tested for fire safety in the same way.

Hotel beds and mattresses are also designed for heavy use and tend to be built for maximum durability compared to domestic beds. Since sleep quality is important for hotel guests, hotels look for high-quality beds that will offer comfortable sleep and last for years and years. If you want a hotel bed at home that will give you excellent levels of comfort and many years of use, consider investing in a contract bed.

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It's easy to achieve a hotel-style bed at home when you invest in a contract bed and hotel-quality bedding and bed linen. When you purchase products designed for hotel use you can rest assured that you're getting high-quality products built to sustain heavy use and frequent washing. Plus, the overall style and finish of your bed will mimic that of a hotel, helping you to achieve a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom at home.

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