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Over 32,000 products
Over 32,000 Products

Hotel Bathrooms: Your Hard Work Stops Here

Welcome to our bathroom section, where you will find everything your hotel, guest house or bed & breakfast. Whether you are a long-established favourite or a brand new opening, you will discover our diverse ranges include in just about everything on your to-do list!

Finding the accessories, the washables, consumables and the installables for our bathrooms is a serious consideration in our own homes – but when you have multiple bathrooms to tool up, those choices take on a whole new significance!

Many guests judge a hotel by the quality they perceive from the bathroom, and many will think immediately of the washroom facilities when deciding whether to recommend a hotel. A bathroom represents a host of opportunities to go the extra mile in the name of customer satisfaction, as well as a well-lit stage to impart your establishment’s own unique touch.

In addition to the complimentary items you provide (toiletries and towels, for example,) keep in mind how these will be presented (ie. fittings such as wall shelves, towel rails or even dressing gown hooks.) These will influence the very design of your hotel’s bathroom, and inform the way it is presented to your guests upon their arrival.

Equipping your hotel’s bathroom with the full range of accessories is what really makes a home away from home, and Hotel Buyer will help you every step of the way.

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