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Choosing Toiletries For Your Hotel

10 Aug 2017, 4:13 PM

They may only be a small contribution to your overall guest experience, but something as small as your hotel toiletries can make a big first impression amongst guests, so it's important to get it right.

Here are a few tips on how to perfectly match your toiletries to the feel of your hotel:

If your hotel or B&B is located in a picturesque village surrounded by countryside, or is one that is of a traditional theme with a nostalgic feel, we recommend The Gold Collection toiletries range. Available in three classic designs, this is the perfect choice for an establishment striving for the royal approval!


The Anya Eco Friendly Spa Toiletries range is the ideal choice for hotels that are looking to keep their hotel room quality consistent with their spa treatments. Infused with relaxing rosemary extract, these products come in a range of stylish biodegradable pouches or classic bottles to leave a lasting impression on guests.


For modern and contemporary hotels, why not have your guests indulge in Silver Buckthorn Toiletries. A stylish range with a sleek design, made up of neutral tones with a hint of spice. Your guests won't want to leave!


In bustling cities and busy airports, business travellers are never far away. If your hotel is often home to those travelling on business, you'll know that they usually expect a hint of luxury on a budget. The Taylor of London Natural Collection offers just this, and will be a welcome addition to the room of any business traveller.


The Elsyl Collection range of toiletries are perfect for boutique hotels. Choose from a range of quirky medicine style bottles finished with hand tied ribbon and vanity kits wrapped in corrugated card for a truly authentic look.


If you really want to keep the seaside theme alive in your seafront hotel, B&B or apartment, you could offer the rejuvenating Sea Spray Collection Toiletries range to your guests. The wonderful aqua blue tint and fine English fragrance will revitalise and calm the atmosphere during their stay.

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