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Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Hotel

16 Jun 2017, 5:44 PM

Your commercial outdoor furniture can set the tone of your hotel for your potential guests, so it's important to get it right. Selecting high quality pieces for your outdoor space will not only enhance your guests experience, but could give you an advantage over your competition, especially during the summer months.
Here are our top tips on selecting the perfect outdoor furniture for your hotel:

Have A Back Up Plan

If you're planning on hosting some outdoor events during the summer months, you need to bare in mind that the weather isn't always going to be on your side. A commercial grade gazebo is a great way of protecting your guests from the elements. Use as a catering canopy, stage cover or as a year-round smoking shelter.

Keep It Consistent With Your Brand

 Ensure you're setting the right tone. Not just in terms of colour scheme and logo, you should also consider the 'feel' of you brand, and ensure your furniture boasts the same personality. If your hotel theme is one that is traditional, choose items that compliment this such as a traditional garden bench.

Focus On Your Guests

As with your indoor interiors, your guests should be your main focus; consider what they need. Given the typical British weather, it's certainly a good idea to invest in a patio heater or two for those chilly evenings!

Assess The Space Available

Is there room for your guests to move around and tweak the layout? If your outdoor area is regularly home to large groups of people, you'll need to ensure that your furniture is easy to manoeuvre and that there's enough space available to do so.

Consider Storage Options

Do you have sufficient space for storage during the colder months? If you have limited space, you may want to consider your options. One of these options might be to invest in aluminium stacking chairs that you can stow away easily and use indoors too. For larger pieces, furniture covers can provide protection from the elements.

Offer Protection For Your Guests

If your hotel provides al-fresco dining, it's important to provide protection for your guests, in the form of a large commercial parasol. Your guests will feel much more comfortable if they have the option to seek shade whilst eating their meals.

Protecting Your Outdoor

 Furniture Treat your wooden or veneered commercial outdoor furniture with teak oil. It's likely that during the course of the year, there'll be quite some traffic passing through your outdoor area, so protecting your furnishings can mean the difference between durability and forking out for regular replacements.

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