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The Best Thing About Eating Out, Is Socialising With Family & Friends

Whether you're in the mood for Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Italian, American, Chinese or British, or want a lavish meal in a classy restaurant or just a casual outing, modern day restaurants really do have something for everyone, whatever your tastes.

Many people save trips to restaurants for monthly pay day treats, or for celebrating birthdays, while others venture out for  meals on a weekly basis. Tucking into a plate of sumptuous food, sharing a laugh with the people you love, being waited on & enjoying the pleasing atmosphere, are all things that we find rather alluring.

Now if you pull all these great factors together, they do raise the big question what is the best thing about dining out at a restaurant?

Well new findings have revealed the answer to that very question. A survey carried out by hospitality industry experts, Restaurant Supply Store, has concluded the nation's favourite thing about dining out is spending time with family and friends.

The results from the survey make for interesting reading:

Adults in the UK were asked what aspect of dining out was their favourite or the most enjoyable & spending time with family and  friends received a whopping 38% of the vote. Whether you're enjoying a celebratory meal out, trying a new restaurant and its flavours or just meeting up with pals, a night with your closest & most cherished is always full of laughs, giggles, bonding and epic memories are forged.

With 26% of the vote, not having to cook, came second, with a further 14% of people saying they enjoy eating better quality food.

Spending every night tirelessly working away at the stove & cooker preparing fairly standard meals for the family can very quickly lose its magic and become a tedious daily chore. So  if the opportunity arises to have a rather talented master chef cook for you, a large proportion of the population will immediately jump at the chance.

12% of Britons asked said they enjoyed not having to worry about or do the dishes after dinner,  while 9% of respondents love a change of scenery. Spending time out of the house, indulging in some of life's luxuries like a sea view, a sophisticated restaurant, top notch cuisine & something to engage the brain, are crucial to adding a sprinkle of happiness to the every day routine.

So whether you enjoy hanging out with friends, tasting high quality food, indulging in a night away from the kitchen or just venturing out for a change of surroundings, an evening spent eating in your favourite restaurant is something we can all enjoy.

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