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A Complete Guide To Buying Hotel Beds

3 Dec 2019, 1:01 PM

A Complete Guide To

Buying Hotel Beds

Many business owners do not know how to pick the right hotel beds for their establishments, which is why plenty of their guests give them negative reviews afterwards. According to a recent survey, more than 81% of travellers admit that a comfortable bed is the most important feature they look for in a hotel room. For hotel owners, the solution is to buy the most suitable bed (and mattress, of course) according to the type of hotel settings, style, interior design and size of the rooms.

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Best types of beds for hotels

Hotel Divan Beds

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Roll-Away Beds

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Fold-Away Beds

About Fold-Away Beds

Divans come in various sizes, including a single, double, king and super king, to give a solid feel to any space, with the headboard and mattress joined together. The upholstered headboards are typically soft and allow your guests to sit up comfortably when watching television or reading. The bases are spacious and provide additional storage, thus giving your guests more flexibility.

This model of bed combines layers of fillings with a pocket spring unit to ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable stay every night. For ease of use, all models have breather vents and turning handles. It comes as either a deep platform or deep firm edge base and mattress or mattress only. Hotel divans are the optimum choice for small and big hotel rooms when you want to achieve an elegant look.

These beds are handy for small hotels, guest rooms and other places offering accommodation for temporary overnight visitors. The common features of this bed are its caster wheels and hinged metal frames, which allow the bed to be rolled when being transported. They can also be folded and stored much more easily than other types of beds.

With increasing popularity, rollaway beds today come with mattresses (made from memory foam or polyfoam) of up to six inches thick. They can support up to 200kg, which makes them ideal for:

• Single sleepers weighing less than 200kg
• Children or dual sleepers with a combined weight of less than 200kg
• Back pain sufferers
• Hot sleepers

These bed models are only available in smaller sizes as they’re designed for single-person use. They do not come with a headboard for portability purposes. Other models come with a feature that enables them to be folded into a round or square shape so that the bed can be used as an ottoman footrest.

This model is suitable for small hotel rooms as it can easily be folded and stored when not in use. Furthermore, it does not occupy much floor space when in use. The beds are gaining widespread popularity because apart from being used in the hospitality industry, they can also be used in camping, dorms and homes.

This model is practical because a hotel requires a high-quality bed that is comfortable, durable and easy to assemble even without any tools. The mattress is medium-firm, which easily conforms to the sleeper’s body shape to ease the pressure. It’s also stable and noise-free, plus the mattress comes with a removable cover for easy washing.

The bed has excellent support and stabilisation comprising of a wire lattice base that prevents sagging. The finish consists of powder-coated eco-friendly paint to prevent rusting. Other models also come with a pull-up function that acts as a pillow. The bed’s sizes range from twin to queen.

What to consider when buying hotel beds

The process of buying hotel beds can be challenging, but you can now order your preferred choice with just a few clicks and expect quick delivery. And with the following expert tips, you’ll get the best beds for your hotel rooms, whatever your budget.

The style and size of the room

The bed is usually the most prominent piece of furniture in a hotel room, so it’s vital to select one that fits with the room’s style and size. Measure the room before you buy the bed. Allow space at either side or both sides of the bed and leave space for other furniture like bedside tables.

Consider your clientele

Divans are suitable for business travellers or couples seeking a luxurious experience. If you cater to families with little kids, you should have double rooms with divans (for the parents) and rollaway or folding beds (for the children) to easily customise the space as needed. You can also go for Zip and Link beds as they can function as either two single beds or one double bed when combined.

Choose the right mattress

The bed mattress is vital to ensure your guests can enjoy a comfortable and supportive sleep. Contrary to popular belief, the mattress does not have to be firm because the padding is a personal preference, but it must have a great supporting structure. A high-quality mattress will last for several years and often comes with a warranty.

So, what are the best types of mattresses for your hotel? Here are the most common types to choose from:

Innerspring mattress

Innersprings are used by many hotels worldwide, and they have supporting spring coils, topped by soft layers for extra comfort.

Memory foam mattress

They offer a ‘sinking feeling’ because they’re designed to soothe joint conditions, pains and aches.

Hybrid mattress

Many hotels combine memory foam and innerspring mattresses to create a hybrid. These mattresses absorb heat so the bed does not heat up and the room does not get stuffy at night.

Latex mattress

Only found in high-end hotels, these mattresses are often costlier, but provide unique benefits. They offer the firmness of innerspring and the pliability of memory foam mattresses. Latex is also an antibacterial and hypoallergenic material, meaning your hotel won’t attract bugs or germs.

Ask the seller questions

There are a few questions to ask before buying hotel beds to ensure you’re getting value for money. Some of the basics include:

Is the bed fully assembled or will assembly be required?
Does the bed come as a complete set consisting of headboard, base and mattress?
What does the warranty cover, and for how long?
How soon will the bed be delivered and what’s the delivery cost?

The types and quality of hotel beds that you have in your establishment will determine whether your customers will enjoy a comfortable stay. Consider your room space and interior decor before buying the beds to get the best options. For example, opt for folding beds if you have limited space, but go for divans if you have bigger rooms or want to achieve an elegant look.

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