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A Buying Guide for Themed Rooms

25 Sep 2017, 3:53 PM

A Buying Guide for

Themed Rooms

The reputation of your business can be altered depending on a number of aspects,  customer service, housekeeping and immaculate suites to name a few.

But is it the overall décor that hits the nail on the head with customers?

Here we look at different hotel rooms and the types of decorative hotel room items you can use to compliment your theme:

The Penthouse

When booking The Penthouse Suite, guests will expect to be impressed.

To guarantee your customers get the very best treatment opt for unforgettable décor. Try a large, overlooking and prominent clock in your penthouse suite to grab your customers attention and give your room the WOW factor!

Things to Remember...

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse should have a prominent, masculine feel, a sort of 'man cave' aimed at groups of cool, young guests or executives. Stick to a monochrome theme using black, white and grey then add in some cool accessories like flat screen TV's, games consoles and a wall mounted stag head.

Create the look with...

The Business Suite

If your establishment regularly caters for business travellers, it's likely they'll be arriving after a long journey or a hard day at work so it's important to offer a home-from-home. As well as the usual telephone, mini-bar and TV, why not go the extra mile and provide your guests with the highest quality bedding and soft furnishings. Quilted bedding and matching curtains are bound to give a luxurious feel.

Don't forget...

The Honeymoon Suite

What's a successful hotel without a honeymoon suite?

This room should be a place of love, luxury and beautiful décor. Opt for luxurious hotel beds and cover them in Egyptian cotton sheets, scatter cushions and silky throws! Make sure you have a mini-bar and a do-not-disturb sign available so that your newly-weds can get on with their stay without interruption!

Special Touches...

The Country Home

What country home doesn't have a touch of tartan? 

Tartan really is the epitome of the countryside and it just so happens it's become a big hitting interior trend this year. If your hotel or B&B room has an authentic country feel, try sticking to neutral walls and add a pop of colour with something small and regal like a tartan stool or cushions.

Homely Finishes...

The Family Room

Families travelling with children (especially young ones) will be under enough stress, so it's crucial that their hotel or guest room is spacious and comfortable with enough amenities to entertain everybody. Opt for a bright colour scheme and compliment with quirky accessories and furnishings.

Include these...

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