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Over 32,000 Products
Green Hotel Supplies

Green Hotel Supplies

Now is the time for your hotel to Go Green. Guests are increasingly demanding eco-friendly hotel amenities, and it is the smart hotelier who meets those wishes. Something is in the air – an enthusiasm for all things biodegradable, compostable, reusable, non-plastic or free from specific ingredients - and you will do well to be a part of it.

Of key consideration are the toiletries that you the hotelier offer to your guests. A savvy consumer may well make specific enquiries about your offering, such as "is this product Paraben-free?" For such questions, the answers can be found in these ranges whose environmentally-conscious ingredients and biodegradable packaging make them a firm favourite among early adopters of the green movement. Anyah and Prija have made themselves permanent guests at a great many hotels so far, and the word is spreading fast.

Hotels that offer recyclable and compostable packaging as part of their catering service will win hearts and minds among the growing Green movement. Many are concerned about the cost of offering such eco-friendly disposables– but a quick glance at our pricing will allay such fears. Instead, your establishment can get involved right away, serving the environment as well as your customers.

A close cousin of our eco-friendly toiletries, you will discover a great deal of Green cleaning products with which to conduct your hotel’s housekeeping. By using cleaning fluids that have no impact on the sewage system, your establishment will play a small but noble part in reducing pollution of the sea.

There are other ways your guests can reduce their impact on the environment, such as using energy-efficient appliances, opting not to have their room cleaned or their bedding changed. We can help you with every step towards Green aims, making Hotel Buyer your one-stop destination for all things eco-friendly.

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