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Bed Linen - 100% Cotton

Bed Linen - 100% Cotton

What else does a hotel guest desire than simple comfort? The breathable, gentle texture of 100% cotton bed linen is unsurpassable, and many in their own homes will insist on nothing but for their bedding.

Explore the different sizes, depths and components of bedding, find discover everything your hotel needs for a full set essential, yet exquisite bed linen.

Give them the best, and they will tell their friends and family how much they liked the bedding provided by your hotel!

Everybody has their own opinion on what the best thread count is, and you will doubtless have a preference of your own. Explore full bedding sets in a choice of 200TC, 250TC Satin Stripe, 400TC and even 800TC varieties - each one perfectly acceptable in relation to the guidelines set by the establishment. Whichever your choice, your guests will experience luxurious comfort that will define their stay.

Thread Counts Explained

200 Thread Count: This is perfectly adequate bedding, with quality and comfort assured by the 100% cotton property alone. Perfect for hospitality on a budget, your guests will enjoy home-away-from-home comfort with 200 TC cotton bedding.

250 Thread Count Satin Stripe: For those wishing for something other than pure white, as well as to perhaps match an existing design scheme, this satin stripe design may be exactly what you are looking for. The obquitous 1cm sateen stripe can be seen in hotels across the land, and if this is a style to which you already adhere, you can stock up with Hotel buy. And if you fancy trying something a little new, then why not give sateen stripe a try!

400 Thread Count: For the high-end customer, a denser thread will offer greater warmth, while offering the inimitable cotton breathability. Guests will notice immediately the high spec of this type of bedding, and they will love the added luxury that you have provided them with.

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