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7 Tips For Better Housekeeping Practices

14 Aug 2017, 4:32 PM

7 Tips For Better
Housekeeping Practices

It's undeniable, in terms of customer service, the housekeeping department is one of your hotel's most valuable assets. If your practices aren't up to scratch, one mistake could lead to a bad online review, potetnially harming your otherwise fantastic reputation. Here are some top tips to help improve your hotel housekeeping:

Organisation Really Is Key

Have a place for everything. Make sure you have a dedicated space for all of your cleaning products and housekeeping equipment. Ensure that your trolley is well organised and products are accessible.

Keep Room Clutter To A Minimum

It's all well and good providing your guests with rooms that are filled with trinkets, picture frames and ornaments, but is it really necessary? Keeping clutter to a minimum will shed minutes off your cleaning regime and guests are likely to have more space to store their personal belongings.

Have A Checklist

Create a checklist for each room that you can keep on file. Ensuring that the checklist is followed as closely as possible will speed up the time it takes to clean each room and will reduce the risk of areas being missed. You may even want to keep the checklist present in the room, to give your guests confidence that their room has been cleaned, and to what standard.

Restock Toiletries & Towels

Create a set of guidelines so that your housekeeping staff know exactly when to replace the hotel toiletries and towels in each room, dependant on the length-of-stay and amount of guests per room. It's always a good idea to restock towels every day, you can do this quickly and effectively using a dedicated laundry trolley.

Practice Quality Standards

Your housekeeping staff should know the difference between the standard of cleaning that needs to be carried out in an occupied room vs a vacant room. If you're expecting new guests, carry out a deep clean and perhaps train your staff in basic origami to give your new occupants a pleasant surprise and leave a great first impression.

Staff Training & Expectations

Train your staff to be approachable, maintain hygiene standards and wear tidy uniforms. It's also important to make sure your housekeeping staff know the 'Knock and Wait' procedure and that they value the 'Do Not Disturb' sign. Have them engage with your guests when appropriate and possibly introduce an incentive scheme for positive feedback.

Meeting Basic Guest Expectations

All of the above are irellevant if your establishment cannot meet the basic expectation of guests. Issues like hair on the bathroom floor, finger prints on mirrors and rubbish under the beds can be extremely damaging to the guest experience.
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