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5 Ways To Guarantee Your Guests A Great Night's Sleep

14 Jul 2020, 5:47 PM

5 ways to guarantee your guests
a great night's sleep

As a hotel owner, you will know there are many things which go into making each guest's stay successful. One of the most essential things to focus on though is laying the foundations for a decent night's sleep. If you get this right, it will leave a positive impression on people who stay and help them enjoy the rest of their time with you. But what steps can you take to guarantee they will have an awesome night's rest?

1. A comfy bed

A comfy bed is key to making sure your guests get the best night's sleep possible. Firstly, you should make sure the hotel bed itself has enough space for guests to stretch out on and does not creak or wobble. After this, the mattresses you use on your beds is vital. You must use mattresses that offer a decent level of support without being too firm. Getting this right will mean guests can sleep well without tossing or turning. Many hotels now choose memory foam mattresses for the fabulous support and stability they offer.

2. Pay Attention to your hotel bed linen

With your bed and mattresses sorted out, the next crucial element to focus on is your bedding. Make sure to buy the best hotel bed linen you can afford to dress beds with. It makes a real difference to how soft and luxurious your pillowcases, sheets and duvets feel when guests lie on them. It is also wise to think about the colour of any linen you use. Most guests will expect classic white bedding, which they will find relaxing and comforting to drift off with.

3. get your tog count right

One critical factor to set your guests up for a decent night's rest is making sure their hotel duvet has the right tog count. Having a heavy duty 13.5 tog on duvets over summer, for example, will leave guests too hot to sleep well. Similarly, using lighter 4.5 tog duvets in winter will see them too chilly to rest properly. Make sure to use the right tog count for the season you are in to avoid this. Having hotel blankets in the rooms as an optional extra layer is also a good idea.

4. get blackout curtains plus a nightlight

Nothing can be more distracting for guests trying to sleep than light coming in from outside. This can stop many people from resting as they would like and impact their stay with you. A great tip to help is fitting blackout curtains rather than standard ones. When drawn at night, they will keep the room in darkness to help guests sleep. Just remember to fit bedside lights as well though so they can get up safely in the evening if required!

5. a range of hotel toiletries

This may not be something you have thought of before but it really works. Providing hotel toiletries in the room means visitors can use them to shower and feel clean before bed. This, in turn, will make them feel more relaxed and more able to drift off when ready.

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